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Steps to properly optimize a website page by adopting Google Algorithm

Date: November 26, 2014 Author: synchro Category: Environment and Efficiency SEO Algorithm

How to properly optimize a website page, you should follow the following steps:

1. Optimization should be part of the design of your website. To properly optimize a web page, it should be considered as part of the design process. It should not be treated seperately, otherwise this will create unnecessary strain in the browser looking for relevant content.

2. Each web page must be highly optimized. That is to say, each web page must have unique, content, titles and tags.

3. It’s not just the search engines. Don’t create a website specifically for search engines alone. Most people who start out this way create a site that has bad grammar. Most browsers pass over unprofessional sites with poor copywriting.

4. Keywords. Make sure you have a list of keywords that you want to place in the page. Also consider that the keywords relevant to page will stays in page 1 while page 2 keywords stay in page 2. This is to make sure each page is unique in what its offering, avoiding redundancy. In terms to competitiveness, a campaign will probably create more traffic and better results than concentrating on keywords only.

Place your keywords strategically in the these areas: Page title, Meta tags, Body, Heading, Image, Bullet, Links. High quality websites typically rank itself well in the search engines since more and more people recommend it to others via word of mouth, email, instant messenger, or even better, take the link and place it in their own website link sections.

Google vote  pages with inbound links as relevant and quality, thus increasing its rank in the search engine hierarchy. In addition to inbound links, search engines also send out spiders to evaluate the site for relevance according to its own algorithm. The spider  analyse basically the content in the website pages, including the meta tags, images and titles.

Spiders can also study the items on a web pages, thus making them highly relevant to search engines: text, page titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, code, tables. Search engines may also consider other languages like Javascript and such. Web page optimization note positively contents more than graphics or artistic impact. One must remember that the end result of having a website is to increase your web presence  in the search engine of Google.

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