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What is Search Engine Algorithm.

For a commercial website page to be detected in a search engine string and be ranked on top, the pages have to be “prepared” in order to be detected and well-received by the search engine algorithm (SEO). Since there is a large amount of visitors browsing on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo, a new form of process was developed to allow full use of the advantages and avoid the cons of the algorithms that has been set up by the search engine companies.

This process of preparing your website is called Search engine optimization (SEO). As the amount of information grows extremely quickly, search engines is important to play a vital role in keeping order in the World Wide Web. This has encouraged a growing numbers of people to search by using the search engines more. It is now an evidence that you can find any kind of information faster if you use a search engine. Nowadays, company is trying to attract more traffic to their websites by paying for valuable advertising space within search results.

Since browsers are more used on getting information about something, placing an advertising that totally correspond with what visitors are looking for, makes it easy for any company to advertise in order to increase their sale. What search engine optimizers usually do, is to make every effort to considere a website highly relevant inorder to show it up in the top ten listing of their respective search strings.

The method of SEO is to improve content, and dynamically expand the website with more relevant keywords. Unfortunately, some SEO’s experts have also devised ways to cheat the algorithms of search engine to allow themselves to be on top with low quality or even misleading content. Google, Yahoo and other search engines have counteract back by using even more complex algorithms to filter the garbage out of their engines.

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