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We are Professional and Dedicated

We believe that your website is the hub of your Company; it is the virtual representation of your business. Clients will judge you by your presence on the website just as when they entered your store. Would you allow your employees to be dressed in casual or shabby clothes for serving your clients? Therefore, the same case should be with your website. We aim to provide you a professional and high quality website with great after sales services.

When it time to create your website, you should look well ahead and do not take someone who has been providing old style of Websites. The technology have evolved quickly and if your Web Master continues to offer you outdated websites (old examples) on delivery, be cautious. Many old style webmasters have been charging way much more for old HTML websites, and continue to do so without taking into consideration that nowadays, if your clients cannot see you on their mobile phones, you are doomed to fail. Your website will never be in the first page of SEO unless you keep paying advertising.

Excellent Communication Skill


French, English or Spanish. No problem. As an Experience web designer, we design your website to give your visitors the greatest ease of use, the best impression and most important of all, a most welcoming experience. We have expertise in Search Engine Optimization and use unique and up-to-date tools and methods in ranking your site to ensure that your website generates public awareness and therefore sales increase.

We optimize and create automatic posting on Facebook, and social medias to create your e-reputation. We offer Video Marketing, create Video Explainer (WhiteBoard, Video, Logos and animated Videos) that we wull put on YouTube and GooglePlus or any Video medias. We write unique Blogging Articles. We deliver SEO generated blogs for you in both English and French. When it time to have a professional website, have a solid webmaster who will be still there in ten years, not your neighbour or some Part-Time jobbers who just care to take your money now without guaranteed after-sales services.

After Sale Services

As a business or ecommerce owner, you need to know that we host your web with multi-millions dollars companies and paid in advance our fee. We are bound by Canadian Law to protect Customers and clients, and we deliver as specified in our Contract and even More. Our main suppliers are based in Britain and USA. We have an organization called Consumer Protection Act and the Law of Québec to solve any dispute.

We are registered in the Registry of Canadian Enterprises and we pay our Taxes duely in accordance to the Law governing our Industry.

We offer Regular and Automatic Backup system for your websites and computers and regular maintenance. We believe that we have to protect your website and provide you Result for your hard earned money. We guarantee that your website will be regularly tested and verified and updated. We offer you a copy of your Website and all backup so that you are always in possession of your Website at all times.


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Our Work Team

Hemanda K. President Colibri Marketing

Born in Mauritius Island in a very Large Family, I was working for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation as a News Director-Assistant. I came to Canada, and went to University of Québec to study Management. I have worked at Pratt and Whitney Canada and Rio Tinto for several years, until I decided to work as a Real Estate Agent for five years. I finally, opted to work in Creation of Websites and Marketing. It allows me to be creative, meeting Entrepreneurs and showing them how to generate clients with their websites. I am passionate, and give me the freedom to work and create success around.

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Jose-Antoine V. , M.Sc (HEC Montreal)

Jose-Antoine has a master's degree in e-commerce, in addition to a bachelor's degree in economics. He has an overview of e-business allowing him to be a strategist to cope with the rapidly changing practices, particularly in the areas of e-marketing, e-business strategy and analytical and an excellent understanding of social media Web, online customer relationships. He has demonstrated great ability to adapt and work under pressure He has a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. His professionalism and charism make him a trustworthy person with whom anybody would like to work with.